The Ultimate Liquidity Bootstrapping Protocol

One click creates a token and opens it for trading.
Your bootstrapping pool automatically becomes a traditional AMM.
All for $0.

Elevating AMM Creation with our Distinctive Phased Automated Market Maker (PAMM)

New tokens can execute a launch with no liquidity required
Existing tokens can easily create new pools on more chains

Create or deposit tokens and decide on initial liquidity and liquidity raise goals.

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Users can trade your token as they would on any traditional AMM.


Funds generated through trading are used as liquidity once the goal is met.

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Goat Trading was born from Inedible's mission to protect users. After our MVP, inedibleX, we saw that to give users the best security, we also had to give teams the best experience. We created PAMM to do this, and added in all of the best safety features from inedibleX–and more.

$GOAT Token
Fueling the Transition to DAO and Enhancing Value
$GOAT token will be the governance token if Goat Trading transitions into a DAO. 40% of fees charged by liquidity providers (0.99% of each transaction) go toward buybacks and burns of the $GOAT circulating supply.
Fair launch, no presale, no investors, no minting!
Values as of Jan 2024 and may not be current